Take a Different Kind of Shot

IMG_7152On April 19th, I held a benefit concert to raise money for the Big Life Foundation. The event was at the Epicure Cafe, a local bar in Fairfax, Virginia. There was great food and live music performed by the Mantua Finials. I customized shot glasses through Customink with the slogan “take a different kind of shot” (because everyone would take a shot of liquor rather than at an animal). Each glass sold for $5 and the money would then be donated. I picked the Big Life Foundation because they were very clear about where the money was going.

I had IMG_7144a booth at the event which included the shot glasses, information about the organization, and my blog. Overall, I raised about $250. This money can go towards an undercover video camera, the salary of a ranger for a month, or could keep the plane fueled for
an hour to monitor poaching activity. It may not seem like much but that one camera, or one ranger, or one airplane could save several animals. I hope this inspires people to create their own fundraisers for a cause they care about.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.20.33 PM


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