Drones in the War Zone, Making Progress


rhino-887069_1280According to globalanimal.org the government of Kenya is now in action to deploy drones in all of its 52 national parks. They conducted a test run in which the drones managed to minimize animal poaching by 96%! The funding for this project will cost around $103 million but several other nations are joining together to help fund it.

Reading this article was like breathing in a huge breath of fresh air! Over the past several months, all the news about animal poaching seemed to show no progress. All the articles were titled “55 Elephants Poisoned” or “Waterhole Poison Kills Hundreds.” This article proves that progress is being made and animal lives are being saved. This use of technology will allow the government to monitor thousands of miles of reserve land which would take even more man power to cover and protect. I hope to follow this advancement and see how productive it is in the future. As much as I love advocating against animal poaching, I would love even more if I didn’t have to.

Article: http://www.globalanimal.org/2014/04/29/drones-deployed-in-war-on-poaching/


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