What is Animal Poaching?

So what exactly is animal poaching?

Animal poaching is the illegal hunting, capturing, or killing of animals. The animal that is killed usually posses something that is valuable and worth a lot of money. The poachers then sell the animal parts in the black market. They can be used for medicine, jewelry, clothing, decoration, as well as several other products. Animal poaching kills off hundreds of animals.  tusks-1So when the animal population decreases, the remaining animals are worth a lot more money. Therefor, this creates a snowball effect of increasing animal poaching activity. According to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, the most sought after animals for poachers are elephants, tigers, rhinos, and gorillas. The World Wildlife Fund, states that elephants are killed for their ivory, tigers  for their pelt (fur) and bones, gorillas  for their meat, and  rhinos  for their horns. Although these animals are popularly targeted by poachers, hundreds of other animals are being poached as well including lions, leopards, blue fish tuna, and sea turtles. Poachers use very brutal tactics when killing and have no sympathy for these animals.

I hate to look at pictures of poached animals. They are so unbelievably  gruesome and create a big pit in my stomach. But no amount of words can express what these animals go through. A thousand words could not even come close to explain what one image can show. So to get a real sense of this crisis, I suggest Google image searching poached animals. It’s hard to look at, but it truly captures the extent of the issue.

Article: 10 Animals Most Endangered by Poaching 


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