The Red List

The Red List

When I first heard of the list, the name alone sounded intimidating, and I wasn’t too sure if I would want to be on it. And after learning what it really was, I know for certain that I definitely wouldn’t.  If I were to be on the Red List it would most likely mean that I am near extinction. Not something I would ever wish upon anyone or anything.  The Red List is a list of threatened species all over the world. This list was comprised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and is a guide to help conservation programs that will help the future existence of these animals. Although not all species have been evaluated, there are over 22,000 species that are either vulnerable to extinction, endangered, critically endangered, or extinct in the wild.

I felt it important to begin my effort of saving the savanna and building awareness about the animal poaching issue by pointing out how many species are staring extinction in the face. Most of these animals have declined because of our own actions. We have taken several habitats right from under their feet and polluted the ones that they do have left. There is not one place on earth that hasn’t been affected by humans. We are wringing the world out of  its resources and even more importantly, everything that has made it so special. We are killing other living things off so we can live more conveniently, but can you really say your easy living is worth the loss of an entire species? To make matters worse, some people are so greedy they are killing animals simply so they can have something pretty hanging around their neck. I can’t seem to wrap my head around this, and something needs to be done.


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